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By | September 20, 2019

Mtn internet Browsing Nigeria telecommunication is one of the broad fast leading mobile telecommunication firm in Nigeria today as we all know. This telecommunication firm has been in operation for 10 years now. And its subscribers has been enjoying it service for real…irrespective of the fact that many has been looking for the cheat code and settings that will enable them browse for free..

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So many persons have drop me messages on my inbox wanting to know the lasts mtn browsing cheats that is trending today. Well I must assure you to feel relax as I have got a good news for you and it is really working for me… all I need you do now is to seat back and read through this guide carefully..

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In this publication today, I will be enlightening you more on mtn free browsing methods, mtn cheat, mtn tweaks, mtn codes, mtn software cheat codes and ways it can be done with the several benefits that are inherent in it… you may even ask this question like, Do people still browse free on MTN Nigeria? I know and believe that they do I am a testimony. Though It is true that several complains have been given in the past as to why use free browsing when you can buy a one day plan or pay for a package for a little fee although most Nigerians still see the fee as exorbitant.

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Whether you are searching for latest MTN Cheat, latest Glo cheat, latest Airtel cheat or latest 9Mobile cheat, this article is for you so read on. You will find latest South Africa free internet tricks, Nigerian free browsing cheats, Indonesian free internet, Ghana cheat, Philippines free internet, Jamaican free internet, Ghana cheat, and so on.

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For the previous years now, the free browsing cheat has been a very trending search terms with over 14 million SERP result on Google. From observation, many out of these searches are no longer working while some are still; perfectly working. Knowing how to make use of these free data cheats is very necessary because it can help you minimize your monthly or weekly budgets on internet usage more especially as a student.

As we all know, most times we need to chat with friends on whats app, replaying of twitter comments from fans you are following and those following. Update our Instagram page but no active data plan which makes our dream to be futile, so looking deep at this, I have taken time to write about this latest MTN free browsing cheat with Psiphon VPN and mtn cheat codes.

But how does these free browsing cheats works by the way?

That is a good nice question if you are among those that asked and I will answer it in a simple and in a layman’s terms. Most times, it works with the help of virtual private networks (VPN). And these VPN can be tweaked with customized servers and proxies to unlock network restrictions. Once these restrictions are unlocked, users gets free access to the internet. LOBA-TON.

What is Free Browsing?

Free browsing simply means using your preferred network for internet activities without you paying a single dime. Some might still be wondering if this is possible. Yes of cause it is 100% possible. Like I said earlier on, I have used free browsing settings before. You can browse for as long as the network or mobile operator allows.

In addition, free internet browsing is browsing at rate of #0.00 kob. This is real and there are quite a number of network subscribers who are still browsing at zero naira today.

Nigerian telecommunication networks have really been ripping al lot of people off and MTN is no exception whether is the slow connection after paying for data plan or lack or 3G/HSDPA or even disconnecting you before your plan expires.

Requirements For Enjoying Free Mtn Internet browsing Tricks

  • Your Android Phone
  • You may also need a PC
  • An MTN SIM
  • A Glo SIM
  • An Airtel SIM
  • 9Mobile SIM
  • Cell C SIM
  • Digicell SIM
  • Flow SIM
  • Telkom
  • Vodafone SIM
  • Safaricom SIM
  • 3G or 4G network
  • Tunneling apps, (you can download VPN apps)
  • Sometimes working configuration files are needed.

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Benefits of Free Browsing on MTN

When you have chosen MTN as your favorite network, browsing free on this network is very popular and tweaks/cheat codes are readily available. There are some benefits of doing so such as:

  1. You do not pay. Your spending limits have been cut when you chose to do free internet browsing on MTN Nigeria
  2. Have access to your social platforms free. Your social network profiles can be accessed
  3. Check your emails freely. There is nothing as sweet as being free from going to the cyber café to check emails. Free browsing allows you to check the emails
  4. It helps your learning to be fast
  5. It enables you get the latest opportunities online.
  6. You can configure MTN free browsing for others and make money in the process.
  7. It makes you techy

URL you get MTN Free Browsing Tweaks, Cheats, Codes & Configuration from

The sites are not listed in any order. You visit to check the one you love among them. I advise you join more than one. The more the better chances of getting the latest tweak first.

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