DSTV Nigeria ☛ Remove e16, E30, & E32 DSTV Error Code

By | September 5, 2019

The DSTV Nigeria has long and widely been known providing eclectic entertainment to Nigeria since the year 1994. As we speak, DSTV Company has over 11 million subscribers spread across the 36 states of the country.

On the DSTV Nigeria, there are lot of different, affordable and as well interesting packages which is available on the DSTV platform an. these includes the following:

  1. Premium
  2. Compact Plus
  3. Compact
  4. Family bouquets and many more

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You can also visit the DSTV direct URL to choose from your preferred bouquet option which is based on your budgets and as well your entertainment preference.

In this publication today I will be showing you all that you need to know if you want to clear the error code on your DSTV these error codes could be e16 error code, E30 error code, & E32 DSTV Error Code. But there is one thing for sure that you will definitely get the instruction to clear it off.

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The E16 error notification you notice on your TV usually caused as result of an expired subscription which is not renewed in time. But when it becomes a problem is when you still see the E16 error message on the screen irrespective of the fact that you might have got an active subscription. Am on point right?

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The fact why these whole shit happens is usually because, when go to the DSTV office to make payment in renewing your subscription, there is every possibility that your DSTV decoder is turned off…and if that’s probably the case, activating the subscription might be delayed. Hence you see the E16 error displayed on your TV set. Well, Thank god that the DSTV & GOTV have both made available a few quick fixes to get your issue solved AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.


  • E16 ERROR CODE> the Smartcard is not enabled for this channel. It may be that your account has been suspended. Please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.
  • E19 ERROR CODE> your account has been suspended. Please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.
  • E30 ERROR CODE> Checking the subscription status… If this message still appears after 2 minutes, please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.
  • E32 ERROR CODE> the Smartcard is not enabled for this channel. It may be that your account has been suspended. Please contact the MultiChoice Call Centre for assistance.

Do not be worried as I will reviled to you two types of methods you can successfully use in removing the error codes been displayed on your DSTV decoder just like the one listed above here.


In this method, you will be required to power on your DSTV decoder. After that, you will have to use your mobile phone you used to register the decoder to compose an SMS with the following format “RA, then leave a space, then type your smart card number. Keep in mind that your smart card number consists of 10 digits. For instance, your SMS should look like this: RA 1010101010” after you are done with the write up above, you will need to send it to this number ☛ 30333.

USING INTERNET METHOD | dstv error code

In this method, you will need to have a mobile/smart phone or computer with internet connection enable on it and then visit the DSTV self-service portal. When you input your smart cart id – you will see several mistake descriptions. Just choose E16 error on DSTV Nigeria.

On the portal you will be asked to ask to conform that you are either a robot or human by just enter the captcha code when you get it! After this, you will get the message – “Clear Error”. Ensure that your DSTV decoder is on during this process if not it will not work perfectly.

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Be informed that it does not really matter which of the methods above you choose to use. If can follow the instructions here and you do everything right, you will see that the E16 error and some other errors messages you encounter will be cleared from your screen ASAP. It should happen almost immediately after you complete the process. If it still persists, then, please, contact the DSTV customer service directly.

The methods of clearing the DSTV E16 error which I have stated above, is a sure method I have personally used to clear the E16 error code on my DSTV decoder and it really worked fine for me. So do follow all the instruction I have laid down above to help you achieve success.

I do hope this publication about how to clear the E16 error code finds you well, if your answer is yes, please do take some time to share your views on the comment box below… and also forget to use the social media sharing button to share this article with friends and loved once.

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Should in case you got confused you can also follow the step below to clear the error code just follow the simple instruction.


  • Go to www.DSTV.com
  • Select the type of Error code that you see on your T.V set, enter your smart card / Serial No, and solve the Captcha
  • Click “Reset Device”

If it’s successful, an alert will be sent to you on your mobile phone immediately, notifying you that your smartcard has been reauthorized. And you can go on and on enjoying your DSTV decoder.

DSTV Nigeria Remove e16 E30, & E32 DSTV Error Code

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