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By | August 11, 2019

BVN online– for those who do not know, the BVN is an abbreviation of bank verification number and there is a code for checking this bank verification number (BVN) online. Thank god for technology as It can be checked via your mobile smart phone, laptops and as well your desktop computer. You are advice to read on to find out properly…

Thank god for technology as it is now a possibility to conduct many type processes online. It is very fast and very convenient as all operations that is necessary can be carried out in a few clicks without leaving your home or the spot where are. For those many Nigerians who have got the bank verification number, there are lot of different ways in which you can check your BVN number and one of them is through or via the internet. So therefore in this publication today I will be showing and revealing to you all that you need to know In checking your BVN online and as well, how you can check right here online.

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The primary reason of the BVN is to help the Nigeria government to curb any form of illegal activity in the country.  So this is the reason behind why the government is really struggling in the introduction, implementation and mandatory that every citizen in the country must have a bank verification number (BVN).

Well before I take you through how to check your bank verification number online BVN online, lets both look clearly and found out what exactly BVN stand for and what it is.

The bank verification number which is also know or referred to as the BVN by abbreviation is a unique eleven (11) digit number which serves as your universal identification number (ID) in all banks or any financial institutions in the country today.

The necessity for bank verification BVN rose up when the central bank of Nigeria (CBN) implemented its cashless policy in the country. And one of the reasons for this BVN, was to turn down corruptions which I have earlier said above. In Addition to this, your BVN also enables you carry out transactions at any point of banking operations.

It is also to signifies and believe that this new policy or innovation will ensure transparency in the banking sector. It will also assist in efficient and immediate provision of individual bank data should in case there is need for corruption case or emergencies.

Another characteristic of the bank verification number is that it can easily be acquired in terms of money because it comes free without any form of charges.

All that is now required of you, is to visit any bank of your choice in Nigeria be it the one you are banking with and then register for your bank verification number BVN

Therefor you must then follow these five procedures below which include:

  1. Order for BVN enrollment form at any designated bank…but more preferable is the bank you are banking with.
  2. Make sure you enter correctly all the information asked in the form before submitting the form back to enrollment post within the bank premises.
  3. Wait on till you present your biometric data which include fingerprints and facial appearance to the officer which is in charge.
  4. Ensure that enrollment receipt is given to you before you step out of the bank. Enrollment receipt contains all the data you submitted in the enrollment form; date of registration and the bank’s name which you registered with.
  5. You will get a short message to your mobile phone from the bank representative. And this message contains your BVN details after 24hours.

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A lot of persons don’t even have to remember their bank verification number BVN, so they therefore unable to attach it to their required document and files most especially if it is never saved in their phone memory or on in their draft messages or even their contact list too. Well in this case they have got no option than to return back home and pick it up. Or some may even go an extra-mile of going to the various banks where they did their BVN bank verification number.

As we all know, this is strictly a waste of time as it also course unwanted inconveniences. If you are reading this publication and you have undergone the registration of the bank verification number BVN and you are yet to receive an sms notification containing your BVN details, then you need not to worry about it because you can check your BVN online here.

How to Check BVN Online Via Mobile Phone

For some persons who fall victim to have misplaced their BVN number or do not have it save on their phone memory or diaries, and you don’t know how to retrieve it, here is an easy way to do that.

You can actually check your BVN online by simply using your mobile phone to do so.

Any kind of smart phone can actually do this BVN online check irrespective of the version of the smart phone you have got which do not require an internet connectivity. Just as long as the said phone can send and receive messages in it then you are all good to go.

All you need to do on your mobile phone is simply dial the following code>>>>>>>

*565*0# it works on MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT (9mobile).

*565*0# is the universal code for checking / retrieving your BVN as the case may be, irrespective of the mobile network you are using.

This means that all mobile network subscribers either you an Airtel subscriber, Glo subscriber, 9mobile subscriber, or MTN subscriber, you only need to dial *565*0# to check your BVN online.

For all GTB Customers you can easily dial *737*61# to check your own BVN online.

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These are some things you need to know about BVN and your account

  1. Without BVN you can’t withdraw any amount of money from POS or ATM
  2. BVN registration can only be done in a day.
  3. A bank account can only have one BVN
  4. CBN endorsed the BVN policy
  5. BVN is not for children below 18 years of age.

I am very sure and hope that this publication about this BVN online check finds you well.. if your answer is yes, then do kindly use the comment box below to share your views and complains… do not forget JOBTECH will really appreciate the fact that you share this publication with your friends on social media like whats app, instagram, twitter and facebook. Thank you very much.

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