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There are things in life that’s should be simple for anyone to do, looking at the perspective of unlocking the iPhone!!… Of a truth, it is supposed to be that, once you bought a phone, it should be yours to do with as you wish and like. Even if it requires you taking it to another wireless carrier… I mean another network provider.

But unfortunately today, you have to contact your current wireless provider to unlock your iPhone (or to unlock any smartphone, for that matter). That said, assuming your account is in good standing and your phone is paid off, wireless carriers will be willing — if not necessarily happy — to unlock your phone at your request.

For you to have an unlock iPhone has got a greater freedom and as well flexibility. You can take an unlocked phone to any carrier or any preferred network provider, In this case it is easy to switch over your various wireless service or network providers. More importantly, it is very easy and more flexible to travel internationally with your unlocked phone, so as to help you swap between any local SIM cards just to get a preferred service, usually at rates that are more attractive than some of the international plans offered by your wireless carrier.

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I was with couple of friends when one was asking about helping to get his iPhone unlocked. I gave him some piece of advice which really worked for him and I think someone, somehow, somewhere really needs this information and I believe it is still relevant for many. So therefore, in this publication today, I will be unveiling to you the secret on how to unlock your iPhone. (And again, much of this advice can be applied to any type of smartphone.).

Like I said above, in this publication today, I will teach you how to unlock all iPhone models even older models such as iPhone 5s, 6 and 6s, either with an unlock code from the network itself or by using a third-party service.

How Do I Know my iPhone locked?

This one of the most confused part for some persons, the ability to know that your iPhone is locked or not is another essential thing you need take note of most especially those who got the from another person (used phone) or inherited from a close friend or a family member. Now if you want to know if the iPhone is locked, you’ll find that the iPhone isn’t working on your mobile network, and that’s because it’s tied to a different network.

Is It legal To unlock iPhone ?

A ;lot of people might be wondering if it is actually legal to unlock an iPhone, well for those who do not know let me surprise you today that, unlocking any model of your iPhone is strictly and completely a legal act. Please kindly note that it will not be legal if you have not finished paying for your contract or you purchased it outright un-subsidized. However, if you’re still in the process of paying for your contract you don’t fully own the iPhone yet, so you are best to check with your carrier before unlocking it.

What you need to unlock your iPhone

In other for you to successfully unlock your iPhone, you will need to have your device IMEI number which are sets of digit numbers that is unique to each phone.

To know your IMEI, just hover on to the settings of your IPhone, and then select General > about. Depending on which iPhone you have anyway, you will find your imei displayed in different section of the screen. But if it is an iPhone 11 pro, the IMEI is in the section labeled Primary.

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The primary reason for the IMEI is because it is very important and vital information as your carrier will asked for this number in other to carry out the task

how to unlock Iphone

How to unlock your iPhone

All wireless network providers has got different criteria for who can unlock their phones and who cannot unlock their phones despite it commonly similar from carrier to carrier. As soon as you are able to determine that your iPhone is eligible to be unlocked, it’s just a matter of following the simple guidelines from your network carrier which will involve providing your IMEI number.

Here’s a carrier-by-carrier guide on what devices are eligible and how to unlock your iPhone.

Unlocking your iPhone On AT&T

To request an unlock on your phone, alongside your IMEI, you will need your phone number AT&T account info… Once you successfully submit the request, and then approve by the admin, you will definitely get am email with a customized instructions. That would normally include an unlock code, but AT&T says such a code isn’t necessary for unlocking iPhones.

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Please take note of the following below before this body can grant and send you unlock code>>>

  1. You have paid off your phone
  2. Your device is not reported as lost or stolen.

Unlocking your iPhone On Sprint

Sprint says you can request an unlock on a postpaid phone if it meets these criteria.

  1. Your iPhone is SIM Unlock capable
  2. Your iPhone has been active on Sprint’s network for at least 50 days.
  3. You’ve paid off your phone. If you’ve been leasing your iPhone under a Sprint Flex lease, that means exercising the end-of-lease purchase option.
  4. Your account is in good standing.
  5. Your iPhone hasn’t been reported as lost or stolen.

Unlocking your iPhone On T-Mobile

Your iPhone must be a T-Mobile device.

Your iPhone can’t be reported as lost, stolen or blocked to T-Mobile.

Your T-Mobile account associated with the iPhone must be in good standing.

You can only request two mobile device unlock codes per line of service each year.

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You need to your phone to be active on T-Mobile network for as long as 40 days. If you probably bought the phone on an installment plan, you got to have paid off the device. And if your iPhone is on an account with a contract, you’ll need to have made 18 consecutive payments. On a prepaid account? Then your iPhone has to have been active for a year on T-Mobile’s network or better still must have paid more than $100 in service refills.

Unlocking your iPhone On Verizon

Well I think Verizon may have got the easiest path in unlocking your iPhone. As of July 2019, any device bought from Verizon is locked for 60 days; after that period ends though, Verizon unlocks your phone automatically. That’s true for both postpaid and prepaid customers.

I do hope this publication about how to unlock your iPhone finds you well if your answer is yes please kindly use the comment box below to share your views and comment.

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