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This is what everyone has been waiting for!!!….for those who have called me and drop me message asking to know the latest cheat code to get 1GIG data for free from mtn here is a good news for you and as I am about to unleash and disclose the cheat code for you…make sure you use the comment box below to thank me for a job well done because it is not easy when it comes to technology world.

Do you know that you can now browse for free on mtn network using a cheat code that will give you a total of 1Gigabite?…and as well 500megabite for one week? Yes this is for real don’t be too surprise because that is what I am currently flexing right now.

For you to enjoy the latest trending cheat on mtn network, you have to take this guide very serious and follow the step by step instructions that will be given to you…don’t forget that you have to come back and thank me for this o…..

For those who are music freek and lover of movies, omo you can now download them now because you now have access to renewable cheat data code on mtn… all of these you will get from this post and I am going to reveal the process to you simultaneously.

We all know that mtn network is the best network compared to its counterparts I am not going to mention names here lols but you and I know which these networks are frustrating when It comes to internet surfing.

The mtn 4G is a bomb!!! With a snap of finger, you got back a responds of the command given to internet….even my pips don’t want to go far from me as I always share with them my wifi so as to help them connect and gain access to the internet. Guys I think it is high time we go straight to the business of today.

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Today’s discursion is basically focusing on  how you can be a partaker and as well enjoy MTN free 1GB of data from MTN and 500MB worth of data when you dial the code am going to reveal here.

Unfortunately, this awwof and cheat cannot actually work for everyone who is on the mtn network. I have even heard some persons says that mtn sends the message directly to those beneficiaries to dial the code to activate it on their phones.

Currently as we speak, mtn Nigeria is giving out free 500megabite to all its subscribers for free and this code or awoof is not working for some subscribers. But if you are an old subscriber or user on this network it will surly work for you take note.

Be it you are using the myMTN app or not, once you dial the code, you will be given your free 500megabite data instantly in as far you meet to the criteria I have just sported out above. Even some persons who complained to me they did not get their own share of the free data, I am very sure also tht their sim card is selective to this package. But do not worry about that anyway, as I have plans to investigate and drop you information about that here.

In other words, you can get a message from mtn stating like this below…..

“Congratulations! You have been gifted FREE 1GB data, valid for 7 days, to surf the internet.”

Then to activate it, you just have to dial *449*2# to activate your offer and after dialing the code, you will get a message like this..

“Congratulations! You have successfully activated FREE 1GB valid for 7 days. Please dial *559*4# to check the balance.”

mtn data cheat


For you to get the free mtn 1gig or 500mb worth of data from MTN which will valid for 7 days (one week), you have to follow the instruction I have laid down below… dial the code correctly as I have instructed and wait for the network response.

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  1. For mtn 1GB dial *449*2# 10-30times
  2. For mtn 500mb dial *449*1# 10-30times

After you have successfully input the above code on your phone, you have to wait and pray that your sim is eligible. You might get a responds or an SMS alert that same day or the next day regarding to the code you have just dial.

Remember that the fre data is valid for just one week alone and you can dial the code again after the end the week to reactivate it.

One good thing about the free data is that, it can be used on Android phones, tablets, iPhones, iPads, java phones, dongles, modern and PC. Even you can share the data with your pips.

TAKE NOTE: should In case of incacity mtn purposely gives you the GB or Mb without you dialing any code and at the same time you still can’t use it, please dial this code dial *123# for easy migration.

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I hope this publication about the MTN 1Gigabyte and MTN 500Megabyte worth of data finds you well, if your answer is yes please kindly use the comment box below to share your views and comments.

Don’t forget that you can always use any of social network icon to share this publication on facebook, twitter, whatsapp, instagram and many others not mentioned here. Even as we urge you to keep check back on this page to get the latest cheat code for browsing the internet for free all here. THANK YOU.

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