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black friday shopping, Yes i quite agree with you that online Shopping is a widely and convenient way of buying anything from the comfort of your home and item been delivered to your door step…which sounds so cool bro! But do you also think of been compromised of your card or information? Fine this what I am going to share with you today and which is very useful for you and any one around you who engage themselves in online shopping.

Fortunately, I have got for you a few simple and easy way in which you can protect your account and yourself and making sure your holiday season or whatever is not ruined by incessant ads, identity theft or an emptied bank account.

For you to get this very clearly, you are advice to carefully read through the lines of this publication so as to get all the details which will safe you off online shopping error of information or card been compromised.

How to shop safely on Black Friday

Even if most people are really interested in a good deal and as well saving as much money as possible they can, there will still be others who got criminal mind and activity. Besides trying to maneuver safely through the streets, you’ll also want to be aware of those around you who may be up to no good. black friday

We shall begin to take a look at these point one after the other in turns

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1) Turn off your smartphone’s Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS

It is very sadden to know that most modern shopping malls of today had the ability to track which stores you go shopping in by seamlessly tracking your phone’s unique wireless IDs. But criminals can also set up rogue Wi-Fi hotspots in shopping malls so as to help them gain unauthorized access to customers/clients or phones of passersby. So please avoid this by simply switching off everything but leaving only the cellular signal.

2) Don’t drop your credit card anyhow leave your hand

Do you know that it is possible for underpaid cashiers can make a double buck? That is “swiping card double” so as just to steal the card number. The amplification of customer-use point-of-sale terminals POS and of “chip” has help slowly down the rate of this threat, but this sh*i*t still happens for real. So if you need to hand over your card to any cashier, please don’t let your eyes to go off it.

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3) Check your credit-card statements every few days

Both P.O.S point of sales terminals be it in mini, big and checkout pages on online shopping sites can be infected with card number stealing malware. So can the databases of the companies that process all those charges. Hungry Criminals out there will want to use stolen numbers very quickly. So by you checking credit card every few days will help you to know any fraudulent charges will show up on your account within a few days, or even hours, of the theft.

Call the customer-service number on the back of your card or your bank account manager to check your balance and recent transactions that was made on your account, or you can as well do so online by yourself (if you are going online to check your transaction details, please make sure your computer’s software is up to date first). If anything looks amiss, tell your card’s issuer immediately.

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4) Use debit cards only at familiar stores, and never use them online

Debit card which is also referred to as ATM card helps you to avoid cost of interest and as well spending limits. But for credit cards, it offers better protection against fraud theft and scam compared to debit card. If anyone happen to steal your debit card number, they could clean out your checking account before you even find out in a twinkle of a eye. So please be careful and keep your debit card number safe.

5) Make sure the ATM you use isn’t compromised

Please be very vigilant and observant whenever you want to use the Automated teller machine (ATM)… check if the card-slot housing of the ATM machine randomly wiggles when you try to insert your ATM teller machine debit card or whether it looks different from the slots on other ATMs in the same bank vestibule. And try not to use a stand-alone ATMs placed at some strategic point or outside shops in public places.

6) Stay off the shopping-mall Wi-Fi network

Also try as much as possible to stay out of shopping mall wifi networks as they are easy picking for credit cards thieves and identity thieves even if the network request for a password. So to stay safe, stick to your phone’s cellular data plan or you can alternatively use a VPN service. Don’t ever shop or bank online using a public Wi-Fi network.

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7) Be extra careful when responding to deal offers (black friday)

Be careful when clicking or responding to online deal offer as criminals uses this medium to lure someone to malicious websites, email messages, online ads, social media link postings or even down to text messages promising you fantastic deals. black friday

And if you are on computer don’t click on anything that looks strange to you, just hover your cursor on a link in the ads, emails, facebook posting and as well tweets, to see where its leading you to…

If you are on smart phone, try as much as possible to avoid embedded links that you do not understand or that does not look genuine to you.

And don’t forget — if a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is.

8) Stay home and shop online instead (black friday)

Unless you’re willing to show up at 4 a.m. for a crack at a heavily discounted Television set, you will definitely find most of the same deals online as well.  so it all depends on you…but remember yo have be very vigilant and careful (security conscious)

9) Update your computer and smartphone software

This part id very essential as it is advisable for you to update your phone and computer operating system software. Cybercriminals most frequently prey on machines with out-of-date software that has well-known vulnerabilities.

10) Stick to familiar brands when shopping online

Finally, it is also advisable to stick to familiar brands when shopping online…because shoppers are at a high risk of buying item from a store they’ve never heard of than from a familiar brand… so if you still insist, please play it safe!

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