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Etisalat 9mobile data plan subscription code is really one of the top talk of the town today and one of the most search term online probably via Google search engine for smart phone users. However, 9mobile which is formally known as etisalat has since been changed to the new name 9MOBILE but its users is still used to the initial name and making them sticking to it.

The Etisalat Nigeria, before it was been takeover by 9 mobile, was a choice of many users of the network who desire to browse at top most top speed for a cheap rate. Etisalat Nigeria was the only 3G network that was as fast as the 4G Broadband Networks.

Like for those people who could not in one way or the other afford to buy the spectranet or Swift, etisalat became their closest alternative to go for.

The same issue is prevalent with the self-acclaimed grand master of data – Globacom Nigeria. Of recent there have been a lot of complains from Glo users that the browsing speed is very slow.

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However, the etisalat data plans are simplified just like the other popular internet service provider sub plans. In etisalat, you can easily subscribe to daily, weekly, and monthly packages and that is our point of discussion in this publication today.

As we begin the journey of the New Year, everyone is looking forward for a new beginning and new trend. It will be cute to get a catalogue of etisalat 9mobile data plan for this New Year. And this is the reason why I have decided to reveal to you the latest cheat code and unlimited data subscription code of the 9mobile etisalat network.

Etisalat which now known as 9mobile, now has some new data plan which could be very much relevant and current in this year 2020.

In other not to waste much time or take your time, I will be talking about the current updated plans alongside their subscription codes and as well its data volume…

You are advice to take this guide serious and read through the lines very well for better understanding.

Full list of Etisalat Data Plans | 9mobile data Plans Bundles

In this year 2020, you have got fresh and updated etisalat daily, weekly and monthly data plan to check out for which is applicable to both new and existing customers

etisalat 9mobile data plan
Etisalat data PlansPriceSubscription CodeValidity
1GB                                                    #1,000     *229*2*7#30days

So to subscribe to any of the data plan from the table above, all you got to do is to pick the exact code or you can as well simply text “help” to 229, to get the codes via sms.

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To also option out of etisalat smart phone plan, you will have to simply dial *229*0#. But you will have to also take Note that the Call charges will be reverted to 40k/sec if you cancel or upon expiry of the data plan.

Etisalat Night Plans (Night and weekends)

Data VolumeValidityPriceHow to Subscribe
1GB12am – 5am#200Dial *229*3*11# to subscribe

The 9mobile night plans are very cheap and as well affordable for everyone to partake in it. Well it is actually designed for night crawlers… this refers to people who prefers to stay awake at night and work all through the night. So my dear, if you actually fall in this very category then this plan is for you as 9mobile night plans comes very cheap. I mean with as low as 200 naira, you can surf all through the night with the woofing 1gigabite to browse and download all that night.

For those who might be music freak like me, waw you can subscribe to this night plan with just 200 naira and download all your favorite music sites. See all the available Night Bundles above.

Etisalat 9mobile 1GB Night Plan :

The 9mobile etisalat 1GB night plan price is 200 naira which valid from 12AM to 5AM. With this plan, you can archive more for less. The cost of activating this plan is also cheap and affordable. With 1gig you can successfully do your project research or enjoy your downloads. All of that will cost you is just two hundred naira. *What ah chinenseh*

2GB Evening & Weekend Plan:

The etisalat 9mobile evening and weekend data plans offers 2GIG internet bundle for period of three (3) days. Offer is ideal for people that probably work all through the week days and may not have proper time or chance to use their smart phone to surf through the internet so as to see all that you have missed during your off period from the internet. This plan will save you lots of cash. With just 1k(One Thousand Naira), you can browse with your phone, every weekend for 30days.

The data will solely be used from 7PM – 7AM throughout the day and 24/7 at weekends.

5GB Evening & Weekend Plan:

This very plan is as the same as the one above. And this is strictly for the workaholics. The only thing is that you pay an extra 1000 naira to get extra 3GIG. So if you are not contented with the 2GIG week night plan, all you just need to do is to simply upgrade to this plan.

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Etisalat’s 5GB evening plan price goes #2,000 , valid for 30days. used from 7PM – 7AM everyday and 24/7 at weekends.

I hope this publication about the etisalat 9mobile data plan finds you well?, if ypur answer is yes, please kindly use the comment box below to share your views and comment. Don’t forget that we will really appreciate it if you share this publication with friends and family vi social media like the facebook, instagram, twitter, and whatsapp letting them know the latest trend and cheat on the 9mobile network today.

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